Friday, May 25, 2007

Trivia Part 4

Note: This post has been edited since it was first published on 5/24.

Well, this trivia question has turned into quite the fiasco. When I noticed my initial omission of four "lesser" members of two different bands on the list, in my haste to quickly acknowledge the error, I neglected to thoroughly research the status of all four of them.

As it turns out, despite the fact that various sources, including the inconsistently reliable Wikipedia, call them full-timers, I have come to believe that two of them might have only been part-timers. That is, they were full-time members of one band on the list, but only part-time members of a second. I actually emailed one of the guys through his web site, and he confirmed my suspicion. Despite this, I still think this falls into a gray area that is dependent upon the definition of an official member.

For the question, I did define an official member as someone who was considered a full member of the band for at least one album. These two guys come close, but apparently fall short of meeting this criterion. So, here's the deal. I’m still going to ask you to name all 11 to win the trivia contest, but I’m going to give a hint regarding the two debatable answers. Both are/were indisputably members of one band, but for the other band they played with, their involvement consisted of playing on the vast majority of songs on one album and touring to support said album.

I apologize for my lack of exhaustible research on this one. I could probably defend the excuse that this falls into the category of a gray area if not for the fact that I call myself a librarian. Anyway, I look forward to your efforts to answer this now very confusing question, and I'll explain further once we have a winner.

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