Sunday, April 12, 2009

Name That Belgian

Continuing my recent obsession with Belgian beers, yesterday AfroDan Progressive Brewers got back in the action, and our latest creation is a Belgian-style dark abbey ale. In case you're curious, the use of Cara-Munich and two different types of Belgian specialty malts, plus the addition of a pound of amber candy sugar and an ounce of coriander seeds are what makes it a distinctly Belgian style. As usual, we made it a little hoppier than the style generally calls for, a move that is a little riskier than with other brews.

In keeping with other traditions, we listened to nothing but prog-rock while brewing, and polished off a few each from our last batch of 21st Century Schizoid Ale. More specifically, on the music front, it was an all-out Rush fest, with the listening lineup progressing from Caress of Steel to Fly By Night to 2112, and later Permanent Waves.

So, now we're looking for a name for our latest brew, and we could use your help. The perfect name would describe the style as well as incorporate something Rush-related. A few examples of monikers that would be easier to consider, if we hadn't set the bar so high with 21st Century Schizoid Ale, are Syrinx Abbey Ale, A Passage to Brugge Dubbel and By-Tor Belgian-Style Ale.

On a final note, here's a little trivia I learned while researching Belgian music: the saxophone was invented by the Belgian-born Adolphe Sax; and, of course, other than Adolphe, the most notable Belgian musician would have to be jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.


  1. I don't know if you'll be blending any old and new, but Bastille Day Gueuze sounds kind of cool.

  2. I like the Bastille Day part. Why didn't I think of that? We listened to Caress of Steel after all. Maybe because of the French thing.