Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Much to Write About

I try to make this blog about my personal exploits without actually getting overly personal. That way, it's actually an online journal of sorts, particularly with respect to my three major areas of interest: baseball, music and beer. But, since most of the regular readers here are people who know me personally, you probably already know KJ became Mrs. CS last weekend.

After a couple weeks away, there's so much to write about I honestly don't know where to start. The problem is I've done so many things over the course of this month so far that fall into the realm of what I typically write about. That's a nice problem to have, I realize. So, as I attempt to get caught up in the upcoming weeks, here's the subject matter of upcoming posts to look forward to:
  • Bachelor party trip to the Yankees Spring Training complex in Tampa, including Rock Star Fridays, a night of karaoke at a place called Stump's.
  • Grafton BrideAle, our wedding brew.
  • Song-by-song breakdown of our wedding CD (maybe).
  • Surprise performance by Anders Parker at our reception.
  • Visit to Lake Placid Pub & Brewery on our mini-moon.
Of course, I still need to write the final installment in the Summer of '04 series, and I'm just about due for my second Frequent Spins of 2010. I also was thinking this would be a good time of year to get started on my Sports Fab 40 series, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me.

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