From Hank to Hideki: 40 Years of Cheers, Tears and Beers

The meaning of the title for my Sports Fab 40 series, if not already obvious, will become apparent over time, or at least with the first and last entries.

A little credit goes to Neil Young for inspiring the title, and Lee Mazzola for suggesting the sub-title. The latter is a little misleading, though, as my first sports memory doesn't quite go back 40 years, but since I've been alive for 40-plus, it basically fits the spirit of the series.

Once again, I'll explain that these are the 40 sports moments that are most important to me, and nothing else. Those that I witnessed in person, obviously, take on a little extra meaning, but ultimately the most important factors are how vividly I remember these moments and what they mean to me today.

  1. Hammerin' 715 (1974)
  2. The Revolutionary War (1977)
  3. Mr. October (1977)
  4. The Tear-Stained Quarter (1978) 
  5. The Boston Massacre (1978)
  6. Ode to Ron Guidry (1978)
  7. Miracle at the Meadowlands (1978)
  8. Good Night, Captain (1979)
  9. The Miracle on Ice (1980)
  10. The Louie and Bouie Show (1980)