Sunday, October 09, 2005

As the program director at my fantasy radio station, WDAN, I get to hear a lot of new releases that I otherwise wouldn't even think of listening to. This morning, while putting the finishing touches on my rankings of AL rookies, I listened to a few new releases. Here are my impressions:

Bearsuit - Cat Spectacular!: This one didn't do much for me. You know, I have trouble writing about stuff I don't like. It's not that this is bad, but it just isn't my thing.

Blood on the Wall - Awesomer: This one is a pretty good, somewhat garagey, indie noise rock album. There's definitely a bit of a Sonic Youth influence here...quite a few catchy moments, but overall nothing earth shattering. I probably won't revisit this one.

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers: This is actually one that I'm revisiting from earlier this year. It didn't make a huge initial impression, but it received favorable reviews, so I guess I always had it in my mind to go back to it. Upon further review, I like it. Infectious 60's-inspired indie pop and soulful AAA are the descriptions that pop into my head. Although a little long at 66 minutes, I will definitely give this one a few more listens.

The Free Design - The Now Sound Redesigned: The musical equivalent of calling a girl "nice" is referring to an album as "interesting"...pleasant, somewhat enjoyable to be with, you feel like you should like it more, but it just doesn't stir anything inside of you, and eventually you get bored. That's how I feel about this one. You might have to check it out for yourself, though, because fortunately, when it comes to music and the opposite sex, what turns you on isn't always the same at what does it for me.

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