Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Filling a Void

It's mid-January, the best music of 2008 list is completed, Cooperstown enshrinees have been announced, and with the start of baseball's regular season 2 1/2 months away--since the reporting of pitchers and catchers in mid-February doesn't quite do it for me--comes a period of time that is somewhat devoid of blogging material for me.

A little less than two years ago, I began a series of memoir-style blog entries chronicling one of my lifelong obsessions. I called it the Fab 40, as I wrote about the 40 artists who've meant the most to me during my lifetime as a music fan. Well, I've recently been working on compiling another list. That is, the 40 most important sports moments of my life so far.

Once again, these moments will be judged based on their importance to me, not on how important they were to their respective teams or sports, or to anyone else. Having been in attendance at the particular event, of course, will increase its likelihood of making the list. However, the most important factors will be how vivid my memories are, and how these memories make me feel today.

I need a little help, though. I don't know what to call this series. I'm looking for something a little more creative than the Sports Fab 40, but I'm coming up void of ideas. So, if you have any thoughts, please send them my way.


  1. The Sport 40: Chronicling My Other Obsession

  2. The Sporty 40?

    Forty Years of Cheers, Tears and Beers?