Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Hall of Clearly Above Replacement But Not Quite Average

A silly comment I made on Twitter in response to an observation by Adam Darowski somehow springboarded (you see how I managed to get in an Olympic reference there) into a collaborative project involving five other writers in addition to me and Adam.

The gist of it is the seven of us profiled 43 players whose career value is considered at least eight Wins Above Replacement, but below average according to Baseball-Reference's version of these metrics. I covered 10 of these players, including Chris Chambliss, Mike Caldwell, Lee Mazzilli, Carlos May and, of course, the infamous Chet Laabs.

Please head on over to High Heat Stats and read about all 43.


  1. Dan, you were a Gold Medal-caliber collaborator (SEE WHAT I DID THERE). Thanks again for kicking off the idea… and for letting me run with it!