Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Heat Stats

I'm quite pleased to share I've been selected as a new writer for what's become my favorite blog of late, High Heat Stats.

High Heat Stats evolved from the blog, with the latter's primary author founding and taking on the role of Editor-in-chief at the new site, which launched almost a year ago. It's a great community that engages in a lot of insightful discussion about baseball, with an emphasis on statistics, of course, but not overwhelmingly so.

Although plans often change, my thoughts right now are that I'm going to take my All-Time Teams series over there, while continuing to link to the posts here. I'll also be maintaining the page where they're all compiled. And, of course, I'll continue to write about everything else in this space.

So, I hope you'll follow those links over there and maybe leave a comment or three. Although I probably should make a note-to-self that the two most frequent commenters in this series to date are also new/newish writers at High Heat Stats.