Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Playlist

As has always gone hand-in-hand with my year-end music list, I've put together a mix of my favorite songs from those favorite albums. Of course, the format of the mix has evolved over the years, from cassette to CD and now simply a Spotify playlist.

This is not to say I've completely abandoned the CD format, but considering how few I've handed out these past couple of years, and the fact it's become a bit out-dated, I'm shifting my emphasis. I also haven't ruled out other formatsa retro return to the mix tape perhaps?but these are negotiable. 

The playlist runs roughly in chronological orderI say roughly because it's based on when I was listening to each album rather than release dateso the entire thing kind of represents the soundtrack to my 2013. Also, a couple tracks  are added to the end to represent songs that I came to love later in the year. 


  1. I second Mr. Pants sentiments. Great list. I'm truly digging it. - el Squred