Tuesday, November 30, 2010

50 Greatest Baseball Players Not in the Hall of Fame, Part 2

Since this is such a daunting task, and there really isn't much time to do the heavy analysis that I'd like to, I asked for a little help on Pickin' Splinters, a blog I contribute to more than occasionally, and I decided to vote for all of the suggestions I received, except one. This provided me with my second list of ten:

Will Clark
Dwight Evans
Ron Guidry
Tommy John
Jim Kaat
Don Mattingly
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Billy Pierce
Lee Smith

Plus, I'm going to add five more of my own:

Steve Garvey
Mark McGwire
Thurman Munson
Rafael Palmeiro
Luis Tiant

Now, with the deadline being tomorrow night at midnight, I've still got to add 25 more names to my list.

Although my final list of 50 names won't be arrived at with the kind of analysis I would prefer, I've decided that the outcome of this exercise will be to develop my own ranked list of the 25 greatest non Hall of Famers. This is a list that I'll update every year, as players drop off by being elected to the Hall, and as my opinions change based on new information and on viewing current information differently.

Stay tuned for that, and for part three of this mini-series.


  1. Good call, Joey.

    I've argued Keith Hernandez over Steve Garvey in the past, so I'm not sure why I mentioned Garvey first here. Probably because I was looking at past HOF voting last night, and Garvey was one of those guys who looked like support for his candidacy just kind of lost steam for some unknown reason.